Meeting society’s energy demands requires balancing competing needs and energy sources, from conventional sources such as coal, oil and natural gas, and nuclear power, as well as alternative sources such as wind, solar, water, geothermal, and biofuels.  Energy consumption makes a significant contribution to global climate change as well as local and regional economies and our overall quality of life.

Few topics are as contentious as energy, with the exception perhaps of water. However, common ground exists around the need to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, grow the economy, and limit hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. This common ground provides opportunities, albeit challenging, to forge collaborative alliances that can achieve multiple goals. These alliances are not without controversy and are often derailed before they achieve any results. They are also fragile – given politics and the prospect of winners and losers in a shifting energy economy.

CDR is well positioned to help build and advance energy alliances among government, industry, NGOs, communities and stakeholders.

Example projects include:

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