Development projects profoundly transform communities, environments and economies, and can create tension and conflict along the way. At one level, these conflicts are about water, threats to economic livelihood, distribution of project benefits, health and environmental security, and the quality of community consultation. However, their roots often reach deeper to issues of trust, respect, and dignity; preservation of culture and tensions between change and tradition; and the role of government, companies and communities in determining a joint future.

CDR works with groups to prevent and address high-stakes, social and natural resource conflicts that emerge when the interests of development, the natural environment, and societies collide. Our tools and products are field-tested for challenging work environments and calibrated to help companies and communities address social risks, manage impacts, and establish positive relationships throughout the project life cycle.

Our services include:

  • Conflict risk assessments
  • Grievance mechanisms
  • Social performance management systems
  • Participatory environmental and social monitoring systems
  • Stakeholder engagement and dialogue processes
  • Mediation and facilitation
  • Community agreement making
  • Independent expert reviews and assessments
  • Customized training for competence, delivered to company, community and government stakeholders, on topics such as:
    • basic conflict resolution techniques;
    • effective negotiation and mediation skills;
    • grievance prevention strategies; engagement skills;
    • social risk and social performance for community relations professionals; and
    • approaches for dealing with an angry public.

We focus on tough problems and places—oil and gas drilling in the Rocky Mountains, oil palm production in Indonesia, desalination projects in the Middle East, gold mining in Peru.  At the heart of our practice is helping companies and communities construct positive working relationships, manage social risk, achieve positive development impacts, and explore how a project can gain and maintain the social license to operate. Occasionally, conflicts can’t be avoided. In these situations, we step in and work closely with the parties to prevent further escalation and generate mutually acceptable outcomes, even in the face of intensive conflict.

CDR is well positioned to help industry, communities, government, NGOs and other stakeholders address the risks and realize the opportunities from development.  We have established a solid reputation based on more than thirty years of experience and a steadfast commitment to share expertise and transfer knowledge to our clients.

Example projects include:

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