Controversies over housing, land and property (HLP) are common, both in our own backyard and around the world.  CDR helps governments, the private sector and citizens handle and creatively resolve HLP issues and controversies from site-specific to policy levels.

Domestically, we provide facilitation or mediation assistance to help parties provide meaningful input into public decisions or negotiate implementable agreements.  CDR facilitates agreements over the location and operation of highways, homeless shelters, and low-income housing. We’ve also stepped in to facilitate the clean-up of hazardous waste sites at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons production facility and numerous Superfund sites.

In rural areas and on public lands, CDR coordinates the implementation of broad planning initiatives. We facilitate cooperation between Federal agencies on projects under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and foster collaboration on habitat restoration for the recovery and protection of endangered species.

Internationally, CDR works with government agencies, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and civil society to creatively respond to a range of housing and land-related issues or conflicts.  We help bodies such as the Okavango River Basin Commission collaboratively plan and reach agreements on transboundary river management for the benefit of agriculture, municipalities and a world-renowned wildlife area.  CDR helps companies and communities develop and utilize effective grievance mechanisms to resolve disputes over land that inevitably arise when large-scale development occurs.

CDR also works with land agencies and commissions, Ministries of Justice and non-governmental organizations during civil wars in post-conflict environments to design and implement new institutions and services to address the housing, land and property issues of refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities.  Our housing and land dispute resolution assistance has taken us to countries as diverse as Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jordan, Lebanon, Liberia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka and Timor Leste.

Example projects include:

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