Now you’re talking, but…

Are you getting results?

Are your meetings productive?

Is the lack of progress frustrating?

Is your team achieving the best results?

The heart of improving group effectiveness is skilled facilitation. CDR facilitators elicit participation, ownership, and creativity that helps people work together to accomplish their goals.

We provide facilitation assistance to a wide range of clients in a variety of settings— from working with cross-functional teams to developing  peace accords between local government and indigenous organizations. Our experience in successful consensus building can help you:

  • Create a public policy for improving social or environmental impacts
  • Develop a strategic direction for teams or organizations

We work hard to grasp your issues and orient towards your goals so that you leave feeling satisfied with how the meeting was run, the results you achieved, and the high level of participation in reaching the final outcome.

CDR facilitation services provide:

  • Persistence in obtaining the information needed to design a meeting that sets you up for success with purpose, and the right people.
  • Focus on your issues and goals to keep meeting on track and meet deliverables.
  • Custom discussion formats and group processes to suit the unique characteristics of your group and situation.
  • Equal access to information. We help you create knowledge and a common database through joint fact finding and the integration of different ways of knowing:  scientific, technical, local, traditional, and customary.
  • A firm grasp of technical and scientific issues while giving primary attention to process.
  • We help overcome impasses, assist with clarification or education regarding technical issues
  • Develop emerging consensus documents and deliverables.
  • We handle the special problems that otherwise cause meetings to go off course.
  • We help you maintain momentum under the most challenging circumstances with our breadth of approaches and tools.
  • Build group capacity by ensuring you learn constructive problem solving and conflict resolution techniques and behaviors.

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