Mary Margaret Golten


In 30 years of serving as a mediator, Mary Margaret is well versed in the intricacies of coming to fair and amicable agreements – whether in South Africa, Eurasia, or the United States. As a result of practicing in some of the world’s most tense and conflict-ridden areas, Mary Margaret can diffuse explosive situations with ease. Her keen sense of humor comes in handy, as well as her ability to communicate under pressure.

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Christopher Moore

Ph.D, Partner

At home around the world, Chris has worked in close to 50 countries and cultures. He specializes in assisting diverse parties – government agencies, the private sector and non-governmental organizations – design innovative dispute resolution systems and mechanisms to resolve a range of types of conflicts and build capacities for implementation. Chris also provides professional process design, facilitation and mediation assistance to help successfully settle complex and contentious disputes over public policies, water, land, natural resources, energy development and species issues. Chris provides leadership in the design of peacebuilding initiatives and increasing citizen access to justice after violent conflicts and major political transitions.  Chris is enthusiastic and trustworthy and makes an ideal partner for navigating rough waters.

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Susan Wildau

M.A., Partner

As a child, Susan couldn’t decide between becoming an ambassador for the United Nations or the conductor of the Boston Symphony. As it turns out, her career path neatly encompasses elements of both her passion for international peacebuilding and her ability to orchestrate harmonious accords among diverse constituents. Susan thrives on puzzles and paradox, which makes her an especially innovative and energetic mediator. Curious by nature, she relishes the challenges in resolving development conflicts in the United States as well as on the other side of the world. Susan leads the firm’s sustainable development practice, and is an experienced mediator and systems thinker.

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Jonathan Bartsch


When state and federal agencies look for a reliable resource to gather and disseminate information, and to keep the lines of communication open, Jonathan invariably is at the top of the list. He has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to bring the public and agencies together to solve problems and make solid decisions. Jonathan thrives on complex, high-stakes negotiations, especially in the areas of natural resources and transportation. Off the clock, Jonathan relaxes by playing the cello and by running the numerous paths surrounding his mountain home.

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Taber Ward

Program Manager

Taber’s is a results-oriented attorney and facilitator with a broad range of experience in collaborative problem solving; conference planning and implementation; process design, and organizational and strategic development. She facilitates dialogues and partnerships between governments, communities, industries and stakeholders and provides technical and policy analysis.

Taber possesses substantive expertise in the areas of transportation; natural resource management; stakeholder engagement and public input processes; agriculture; conservation; and project management. Taber is adept at working across and between sectors with social entrepreneurs, activists, government, non-profits, and business leaders — her expertise and insights have helped individuals and organizations in the public and private spheres advance innovate approaches to resolving conflicts and meeting both short- and long-term project goals.

Prior to joining CDR, Taber earned a law degree at Colorado Law School in Boulder. After graduating, Taber practiced public health and natural resource law for the State of Colorado and also founded Mountain Flower Goat Dairy, a non-profit urban agriculture project with a mission to train the next generation of farmers while stewarding the land and providing humanely produced dairy products to the community. In her free time, Taber can be found mucking around with goats or on a hike in the beautiful Colorado mountains.

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Jeffrey Range

Program Manager

Jeffrey helps projects with diverse stakeholders work better. He does this by providing facilitation and project management on projects’ strategy, communication, and implementation. He believes that by taking relationships into account, using creative problem solving, and seeking mutual gains solutions, projects are more successful and stakeholders are more satisfied.

Jeffrey has nearly a decade of experience internationally and in the U.S. He’s worked with government agencies, NGO’s, and companies in areas including land use, development, environmental sustainability, and organizational effectiveness.

Spencer G. Dodge

Program Associate

Spencer assists in the design and facilitation of meetings across a broad spectrum of issues. Receiving his Master’s in Conflict Resolution from the Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver , he is committed to enhancing honest, collaborative processes by building relationships, solving problems creatively, and engaging with a diverse range stakeholders. Relying on the lessons he learned while raised in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Spencer is committed to bringing hard work, integrity, and empathy to the projects and people he comes in contact with.