We provide the process to overcome challenges and disputes.

CDR’s very first project, over 40 years ago, was mediating a dispute over a barking dog. We’ve come a long way since then–today, we provide expert dispute resolution services on complex projects around the world.

We are mediators. CDR’s staff is trained in mediation principles, providing a framework for effective dispute resolution in many contexts. 

We are third-party neutrals. Sometimes, conflict needs an independent outside perspective to provide and promote new approaches. We are a neutral intervention in an era of partisanship. 

We are situation assessors. We tailor our approaches to conflict resolution on the situation. Through analysis and genuine curiosity, we bring fresh eyes to a stale conflict. 

We are future-focused. Conflicts can stagnate on issues that happened in the past. Our approach to conflict resolution focuses on action to repair, mitigate, or resolve past grievances.

Examples of our conflict resolution work: 

  1. Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer Advisory Committee
    CDR led an 18-month facilitation/mediation effort for the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer Advisory Committee. The diverse stakeholder group was charged by the Idaho legislature to develop consensus recommendations on a Comprehensive Aquifer Management Plan—a highly contentious issue. The Advisory Committee was composed of water-user representatives from across the 10,000-square-mile aquifer area and included Idaho Power, cities, counties, irrigators, conservation and development representatives, as well as state and federal agencies. The Advisory Committee reached agreement on the Comprehensive Aquifer Management Plan, and it was passed into law by the Idaho Legislature.
  2. Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Development of Mediation Program
    CDR supported the Inter-American Development Bank in establishing a new Mediation Office and Mediation Program to support the Bank’s existing Ethics, Conduct, and Grievance Systems. IDB contracted CDR to design and implement a training program for the Mediation Program’s new roster of mediators. CDR designed and conducted a training program focused on the mediation process and skills building, training participants from the IDB and World Bank on communication and conflict resolution skills.
  3. Jefferson Parkway Negotiations
    At the request of the Governor’s Office and the Executive Director of CDOT, CDR designed and mediated a series of meetings between the parties to the Jefferson Parkway. The purpose of the negotiations was to address future traffic impacts on state highways within the City of Golden, in the context of the Jefferson Parkway. The complex and sensitive negotiations resulted in development of a blueprint to address transportation, community, and environmental needs in the future.