Now you’re talking, but…

Do your stakeholders think anybody’s listening?

Is the information they are providing relevant to the decisions you must make?

Are you tired of having big public debates?

Do you long for a two-way conversation?

As part of a government agency or corporation, more than ever before, you are responsible for finding ways to successfully engage your stakeholders in issues that matter to them. As a leader, you need their support to gain legitimacy for your decisions. People expect you to:

  • Inform
  • Consult
  • Talk and listen
  • Ask about needs and concerns
  • Incorporate their suggestions and advice into your decisions and operations

CDR helps you initiate and sustain a constructive engagement process throughout your project that:

  • Identifies affected people
  • Defines relevant issues
  • Promotes genuine and direct stakeholder participation

Thoughtful engagement gives your organization the foundation it needs to make wise, transparent decisions that reduce risk and promote public trust. It achieves results that both sponsors and their stakeholders want:

  • Reduced project impacts
  • Mutual benefits
  • A better informed public
  • A genuine exploration of alternatives
  • Improved decisions
  • Strengthened relationships

A successful engagement strategy helps you gain the social license to operate and move forward to action.  Our tailored engagement approach is designed to develop new knowledge and enlarge perspectives, opinions, and understanding. You not only collect and share valuable information, but actively engage participants in proposing solutions to difficult problems, choosing priorities, and providing feedback. We also help you close the loop so that people know how their input affected the decision. How much participation and your approach depend on what kind of input is required for the decision to have legitimacy.

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