Whether you’re struggling with coordinating among resource and regulatory agencies for joint decision making, implementing a stakeholder engagement or public involvement process, or forming inter-jurisdictional agreements, CDR can assist you in creating lasting and practical solutions.

There are often a variety of stakeholder groups involved in transportation projects – communities, governments, construction and engineering firms, special interest groups and local residents – whom often find themselves on differing sides of transportation issues. With extensive experience in preventing and responding to transportation-related disputes, CDR helps you design, prevent and resolve issues around transportation projects and local issues. We design and manage customized collaborative processes that promote joint problem solving leading to effective relationships among the many interested and invested stakeholders.

We provide services in transportation including:

  • Facilitation for transportation decision making processes including studies, negotiations and stakeholder engagement processes
  • Facilitation of collaborative or joint-decision making efforts
  • Development of programmatic agreements
  • Development of procedural agreements on how to coordinate different inter/intra agency processes
  • Training and capacity building for public involvement/stakeholder engagement
  • Training and capacity building for conflict management skills

While CDR’s reputation and involvement in Colorado is strong, its team has worked across the United States for over 25 years on a variety of transportation-related issues and assisted groups in finding comprehensive and substantial solutions that moved processes forward. We can help your diverse community of stakeholders jointly address and find mutually beneficial and sustainable solutions to transportation controversies and issues.

CDR can help your next transportation project be an even bigger success.

Example projects include:

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