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Excellent negotiators are people who have acquired and perfected effective skills. CDR’s Negotiation Seminars help you develop strategies and skills to address issues in your upcoming negotiations. We help you get your interests met, as well as those of your counterpart, the key for reaching effective agreements.

In our Mediation and Facilitation programs, you learn practical strategies to resolve a wide variety of contentious issues, and how to work effectively in multiparty groups. CDR has trained thousands of mediators and facilitators around the world for nearly 40 years in Effective Mediation and Facilitation procedures that help parties establish positive working relationships and settle the thorniest of problems. We offer our Mediation and Facilitation programs to the public each year as well at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO. Learn more.

CDR’s Dispute Resolution Systems Design Training helps you design and implement the right institutional system to handle both repetitive and unique issues and conflicts.  CDR is known worldwide for the systems design workshops we have conducted for the private sector, government agencies, civil society organizations, and communities facing issues with communities, employees or other stakeholders.

At CDR we practice what we teach.  Our trainers are professional negotiators, facilitators, and mediators, with years of applied practice. We present strategies learned in the real-world and help you apply them to your own problems.

Our trainers use state-of-the-art learning technologies and provide multiple opportunities for skill practice and one-on-one coaching. Our customized programs provide you with practical and innovative techniques tailored to address your unique situation.

CDR training programs include:

  • Interest-Based Negotiation Seminars. Effective strategies to reach mutual-gain outcomes and counter hard line “positional” or unethical counterparts
  • Effective Mediation and/or Facilitation Training Programs. Proven third party approaches to help you resolve a wide range of issues or conflicts
  • Intercultural Negotiation or Mediation Capacity Building. Practical preparation to work across cultures
  • Dispute Resolution Systems “Designshops.”  Capacity building to enhance your organization’s ability to resolve community, employee,  organizational, natural resource, sustainable development and ethno-political issues and disputes

Examples of CDR training services

  • National Highway Institute – Practical Conflict Management for Environmental Issues
  • National Transportation Institute – Public Involvement for Transportation Decision Making
  • Inter American Development Bank – Practical Conflict management Skills
  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation – Effective Negotiation of Water Contracts
  • Federal Reserve Banks –Team Dynamics and Leadership
  • National Park Service – Socially Responsive Leadership
  • CARE Myanmar – Conflict Prevention and Mediation
  • Sri Lanka Ministry of Justice – Dispute Resolution Systems Design
  • Xinjiang-Uyghur Peoples’ Mediation Association (China) – Effective Mediation

Example projects include:

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