At the heart of our work are the communities impacted by decisions: we pride ourselves in our strategic and people-oriented approach to problem-solving. 

For over 40 years CDR Associates has provided services in community engagement, conflict resolution, workshop facilitation, and capacity- and skills-building. A nonprofit organization based in Colorado, CDR brings deep process knowledge in the areas of land use, water resources, climate change, and transportation planning. Our expertise includes:

  • Inclusive outreach to facilitate a process that engages all stakeholder groups, especially the communities most vulnerable, disadvantaged, and impacted by decisions. 
  • Virtual engagement to create meaningful opportunities for progressing through complex projects. Our toolkit works to replicate in-person brainstorming, discussion, and creativity. 
  • Interest-based problem solving to move groups from positions to win-win solutions. Grounded in CDR’s conflict resolution background, our approach maximizes benefits for all stakeholders. 
  • Fact-based and stakeholder-informed decision making to ensure that the final outcome is sustainable. We work to build community buy-in, grounded in facts and science, for decisions acceptable to all parties involved.   

In addition to providing a range of process-oriented services, CDR offers logistical and administrative support, including the development of meeting materials and invites, stakeholder lists, communication plans, project management, and documentation.

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