Senior Program Manager Position


We are a facilitation and stakeholder engagement consulting firm in Colorado. We help governments and communities make decisions on large, complex public projects. We provide facilitation, stakeholder engagement, communications, and dispute resolution services on Transportation + Mobility, Public Land Use + Management, and Water Resource projects. We believe that collaboration creates better, more creative, more durable solutions. 

We’re looking for an experienced Senior Program Manager, who specializes in one or more of our practices areas, to join our team.


Transportation + Mobility

Transportation and mobility are the foundation of daily life. CDR brings decades of experience working with agencies and stakeholders identifying context specific outcomes and approaches. We provide facilitation of interagency deliberations on transit, multi-modal, bridge, highway and aviation projects – conducting public involvement and stakeholder engagement around issues that impact communities.

Water Resources

Water-related issues are often characterized by a lack of trust, poor communication, polarization, and ineffective negotiations. We provide collaborative problem-solving expertise in planning,  governance, conservation, and use of water. Specific areas where our services benefit water resource processes include: transboundary and interagency coordination, adaptive management, watershed planning, and development of formal settlement and institutional agreements.

Public Land Use + Management

Public land use and management addresses conflicting demands by various user groups, including around recreation, conservation, agriculture, urban development, economic, education, and aesthetic uses. We are leaders in facilitating strategic partnerships and in engaging communities on issues related to land management, including complex planning and land use processes.


Senior Program Managers lead a range of stakeholder engagement, communications, problem solving, and conflict resolution projects. The role includes serving as Project Manager and Strategic Advisor on projects, leading CDR teams, and liaising with project partners and clients. Senior Program Managers participate in the development of one, or more, practice areas by contributing to the design and implementation of the practice’s strategy. The role includes being an organizational leader, IDing and leading marketing and business development, leading internal organizational initiatives, mentoring junior staff, building and managing relationships with partners and clients, and contributing to our constructive and collaborative organizational culture.

Roles and Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as a facilitator, mediator, trainer, training designer, system designer
    • Demonstrate versatility in effectively applying a variety of facilitation procedures and strategies
    • Lead or co-lead one or more practice areas
  • Initiate and implement marketing and business development activities
    • Contribute significantly to the generation of income for CDR and bring in work for others
    • Be recognized by potential clients as a solid and reliable service provider and secure contracts through this recognition and these relationships with clients and partners
  • Participate in the leadership and management of CDR
    • Make meaningful contributions to CDR in administrative/financial/policy areas
    • Supervise and mentor other staff and promote the professional development of program, administrative, and support staff
    • Add to the organization by enhancing others’ well-being and acting as a role model
  • Contribute to the intellectual capital of CDR and to the development of the collaborative decision-making profession, including:
    • Take an active role in professional organizations, which may include practice area-related organizations and promoting the use of facilitation skills and procedures in new arenas
    • Contribute to the collaborative decision-making field through innovative programmatic activities and through professional presentations and writing
    • Maintain a commitment to the professional development of others at CDR


You have 10+ years of experience, along with an interest in multi-modal transportation, community and regional planning, natural resource management, and/or environmental public policy issues. You’re experience and skills include:

  • FACILITATION + STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT EXPERTISE: You are thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of interest-based problem solving, facilitation, and stakeholder engagement
  • PRACTICE AREA EXPERIENCE: You are subject matter knowledgeable about, and have several years of experience working with, one of our core practice areas (transportation, land, water) 
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: You have experience running projects, including designing the scope of work, managing the budget and schedule, and leading a team
  • RELATIONSHIPS + BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Over the course of your profession, you’ve developed good relationships that can support you as you lead business development
  • CREATIVE, FLEXIBLE, COLLABORATIVE: You like pursuing challenges with an open mind, seeking unique solutions, and putting your head together with others to co-create ideas


CDR offers a benefits package to employees including health insurance and paid vacation. Compensation will be determined based on the experience, but is expected to fall into the $100,000 – $130,000 a year range, plus bonuses, with opportunities to advance. There are also opportunities for alternate compensation packages.


Feel free to just reach out and start a conversation. Or, if you want to make it a little more formal, send us a resume, and a description of why you think CDR might be the place for you.

Reach out via Please write “CDR Sr Program Manager” in the subject line of the email. 

Research suggests that women and BIPOC individuals may self-select out of opportunities if they don’t meet 100% of the job requirements. We encourage anyone who believes they have the skills and the drive necessary to succeed here to apply for this role.