CDR builds strong, sustainable futures and improves performance for corporations, governmental agencies, hospitals, universities, and nonprofits. Often these domestic or international entities face mergers, reorganization, external changes, and internal conditions that significantly alter business as usual. Such pressures can lead to conflicts that require management, employees, and staff to alter course in order to achieve results.

CDR engages key stakeholders in jointly addressing challenges. That may include building relationships characterized by trust and respect. A shift to a new way of thinking and new work systems starts with high-level strategic planning and a shared vision for organizational change. Once the big picture emerges, we devise tactical plans, conduct assessments, lead interventions, and offer training to close gaps in organizational performance.

CDRs expertise includes:

  • Assessing existing dispute resolution systems, and designing new ones
  • Mediating pilot contracts and collective bargaining
  • Preparing negotiation teams for international talks
  • Assisting in contract implementation
  • Designing and delivering training at all organizational levels
  • Engaging in strategic planning
  • Facilitating organizational change initiatives
  • Designing and implementing engagement and problem-solving cultures
  • Providing coaching to develop leadership capabilities or addressing challenging behaviors
  • Improving interactions and cooperation between management and labor
  • Resolving disputes and grievances between all levels of management and employees

Example projects include:

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