Daniel Estes

Daniel comes to CDR from a multifaceted background that includes nonprofit communication focusing on land and water issues, intergroup dialogue facilitation, business development, and academic research exploring the relationship between media and political polarization. Holding an MA from the University of Denver’s Media and Public Communication program with a focus in Strategic Communication, Daniel brings a passion for stakeholder engagement, bridge-building across difference, and implementing democratic processes at challenging decision points. He believes the key to finding solutions among diverse coalitions starts with developing systems that allow for open communication channels and good-faith dialogue. Daniel jumped into an exciting and diverse array of CDR projects, including stakeholder engagement for Front Range Passenger Rail and planning the May 2020 Facilitation & Mediation of Public & Environmental Conflicts. 

Outside of work, you will likely find Daniel atop one of Colorado’s many mountain peaks (preferably with skis strapped to his feet) or front and center at one of Denver’s many performing arts venues. Always looking to collaborate, you can reach Daniel at destes@mediate.org. He would love to hear from you.