The Songs that Carried Us Through 2020: A Playlist

CDR’s Spotify playlist can be accessed HERE.

  1. Aqua Profunda! by Courtney Barnett
    Why? First, it’s a swimming song. Second, this song is important due to the shoulder replacement recovery and being able to live without 24/7 pain and to do things I love – like swim. -TWin
  2. Hold On by Yola
    Why? Yola was the best find of my year! She describes herself as “genre fluid” —  I call her the “Adele” of country music. It’s hard to pick just one song, but this one is at the top. -EZ
  3. Nobody Else (A-Trak Remix) by Axwell and A-Trak
    Why? Because if there was ever a year that needed more dancing it was 2020 and this was my mid-workday-dance-party-in-the-kitchen jam! -DE
  4. Turntables by Janelle Monae  
    Why? Wow, this is not just a great song, it packs a real punch, too. -TWin
  5. Rivers Deep by Gabby Barrett
    Why? Because this year the kitchen was the only place open for dancing. -EZ 
  6. Life Ain’t Fair and the World is Mean by Sturgill Simpson 
    Why? Because the title perfectly sums up 2020 and it’s a good reminder that humor can be a powerful bulwark against the cruelty of the world.  -DE
  7. Harry’s Wondrous World by John Williams
    Why? This one is important because of 2020 — which at times has felt like a battle between good and evil. There is so much in the Harry Potter books about integrity, friendship, character, courage, and fighting for what’s good. And they beat Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters in the end. -TWin
  8. The Highwomen by the Highwomen
    Why? Between the lyrics, the remake, and the vocals, this song was my favorite for the year. -EZ
  9. I Don’t Know Where to Start by Bully
    Why: Because it’s loud and aggressive and even though, in 2020, I often felt like I didn’t know where to start, this song seems to make that seem okay. -JR
  10. Rocket Fuel by DJ Shadow
    Why: It’s frenetic and sometimes chaos feels good in uncertain times and energizes you to just move. -JR
  11. Time Stands by Nathaniel Rateliff
    Why: It’s haunting and makes me feel alive. -JR
  12. Starting Over by Chris Stapleton
    Why? This whole album is a must. A great start to the morning with this song playing in the background, a cup of coffee in my hand, and a jig in my step. Give it a whirl. -TW
  13. The Partisan. Leonard Cohen
    Why? A song about the French Resistance that inspires fortitude, perseverance and a reminder for us all to stand up for what we believe in. -TW
  14. Morning Sun by Melody Gardot
    Why? A reminder of hope for the future and the beauty and potential of this world. -TW
  15. Alabama Pines by Jason Isbell
    Why? Perfect road trip song.  -TW
  16. Man on Fire by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
    Why? Just feels good to listen to this one. -TW
  17. Mercy Now by Mary Gauthier
    Why? Because we all could use a little mercy  now. -TW
  18. Energy by Disclosure
    Why? Because where your focus goes, your energy flows! -JB 
  19. Revolution by Heartless Bastards
    Why? Good tune and lyrics: “you were born with a voice so open up and speak your mind” -JB
  20. The Bigger Picture by Lil Baby
    Why? Because “it’s bigger than black and white, it’s a problem with the whole way of life, it can’t change overnight, but we gotta start somewhere”. One of President Obama’s favorites. -JB
  21. (Nose to The) Grindstones by Tyler Childers
    Why? Rocking tune and we need to keep our noses “to the grindstone and keep our feet on the ground” -JB
  22. 7 Summers by Morgan Wallen
    Why? Every good playlist needs a country song or two. -MR